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About Us

Meet The Millennium Team

Ron Vaught

35+ years of experience in the fiber optic and utility industry.

Allen Webster
Project Manager

With the company from the beginning, 32+ years of experience in the fiber optic industry. 25 years with the company.

David Miller
Drafting Manager

A.S. in Drafting & Design; B.S. in General Technology; 7+ years with the company.

Erika Shadrick

Key individual of the design team that produces drawings and other undertakings that require technical drafting.

Matthew Sliger
Drafter/Survey Tech.

A.S. in Drafting & Design; 2 years with the company. 

Laura Vaught
Office Manager

B.S. degree in Business Administration; 25 years with the company.

Brandon Downard
Drafting/Survey Manager

Associate Degree of Applied Science; 20+ years with the company.

B.S. in Geographic Information Systems Technology; USMC Veteran; 20+ years of professional experience in Engineering, Surveying, Mapping & GIS.

A.S. in Drafting & Design; 2 years with the company.

Chief Inspector


Lill Lewis
Engineering Manager

B.S. Civil Engineering, 1993; Licensed Professional Engineer in 7 states; 30+ years experience with fiber optic and other utilities.

Chris Vaughn
Drafting / IT Manager

Associate Degree of Applied Science; 10+ years with the company.

Najwa Armstrong
Office Administrator

5+ years of bookkeeping experience; 3 years with the company; Advanced Excel skills in data management, aggregate, & visualization.

Devan Webster
GIS Analyst/Survey Tech.

B.S. Degree; 2 years with the company.



Millennium Utility Consultants, Inc. has provided services nationwide. However, our typical region mainly covers the central United States. Our Professional Engineer has been licensed in 7 states in this area.


We are proud of our ability to provide quick responses when needed. When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline, we were called upon immediately to respond. Our response time was unprecedented. We were able to quickly begin and complete the ominous project in a timely manner.

We have also had the opportunity to engineer a large and ongoing Fiber-to-Premise build-out in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Currently Millennium has ongoing projects throughout the region including numerous citywide, countywide, and regional network design builds. A multitude of Fiber-to-the-home projects spanning the region. As well as hundreds of provider-to-customer service builds. 

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